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Arun Parish

Recreation areas

In addition to the wonderful walking on the downs and in the woods surrounding both villages, Clapham and Patching have numerous public recreation areas


BMX track, Clapham Common

There is a BMX track, for the use of children only, at the end of Clapham Common.


Recreation Field, Clapham

The recreation field at Clapham is held in trust on behalf of all the residents of the village; it includes a small playground with a slide and other play equipment, and The Junction stands in one corner.

The land was given in 1930 by Mrs Gwendoline Somerset (Mr Fitzroy Somerset's grandmother) - in exchange for blocking and re-routing a footpath at Clapham Farm - for the perpetual use and enjoyment of the parishioners of Clapham Parish.  At the time, there were five Trustees (called 'Grantees' initially):  Mrs Somerset's son, the then Rector, and three residents of the village.  There are now only four Trustees - Mr & Mrs Seth Evans, and Mr & Mrs Keith Preston.


Sports Field

The sports field surrounding the Village Hall belongs to the residents of both villages, and is managed on their behalf by the Village Hall Management Committee. Sadly, it is no longer used by either the Stoolball Club or the Cricket Club. It can be hired through the Bookings Secretary, with or without the Village Hall.


Patching Pond

Fishing licences for Patching Pond may be obtained from the Worthing and District Piscatorial Society, 01903 764818.


Clapham Woods

Clapham Woods are private property and used for shooting in season, although crossed by a network of public footpaths. However, the landowner, Mr Fitzroy Somerset, permits their occasional use by various sporting organisations such as Southdowns Orienteers and Elite Action Games Worthing (combat games).


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