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Arun Parish

Patching Neighbourhood Plan

What is a Neighbourhood Development Plan?

Neighbourhood Development Plans area new way of helping local communities shape the future of their area.  The process enables communities to pull together a plan that will become planning law in their area, providing it fulfils a number of criteria and is approved by a local referendum

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Patching Neighbourhood Development Plan

The South Downs National Park Authority has approved the Parish Council's application for the designation of a Neighbourhood Development Planning Area, which includes the whole of Patching Parish.

The Neighbourhood Development Plan will be an important document which will influence the future of our parish to the year 2032.  

The Parish Council and community volunteers have worked together to produce the plan, and parishioners have had opportunities to have their say throughout the process.  We have sought views through questionnaires and workshops on the issues to address in the Neighbourhood Plan;  the issues raised are reflected in the objectives and policies set out in the Regulation 16 Consultation Draft.


What has happened so far?

Preparation of the Plan has been overseen by a Working Group comprising:

  • Marc Pinnell (Parish Councillor and Chair of Working Group),
  • Robert T. Besford (Bob),
  • Jerry Fox,
  • Paul Isaacs (Parish Councillor),
  • Richard Mason (Patching Village Society), and
  • Richard Prior (Friends of Clapham and Patching Churches).
  • Robb Metcalfe (Parish Councillor) served on the group until January 2016.

They were assisted by an independent planning consultant, Lindsay Frost, from October 2015 onwards. This professional assistance was funded by grants from Locality and Groundwork UK, which are gratefully acknowledged. JBA Consulting  provided additional support in the preparation and publication of the plan pro bono.

A 'pre-submission' draft of the Plan was prepared, and views from parishioners, other stakeholders and statutory consultees were sought between 1 August and 26 September 2016.   All comments received were discussed by the Parish Council at the meeting on 23rd February, and decisions made about the necessary changes. 

The 'Regulation 16' consultation version is now available for public comment here.  There is a printed copy in Patching Church.

What happens next?

After this public consultation, the Plan will be examined by an independent inspector.  Once any further changes have been made in response to both the consultation and the examination, a local referendum will be held in the Parish (in which the Plan must achieve a simple majority of votes cast to proceed to adoption). 

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